Empowering HEI to Lead in Deep Tech Excellence with Innovative AI and ML for Sustainability, Aerospace, Advanced Materials, and Electronics


With a vision for 2030, the consortium aims to foster innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across higher education institutions, students, and businesses, particularly in the fields of aerospace, electronics, advanced materials, sustainability, and biodiversity.

The consortium seeks to establish a long-term partnership between industry, academia, and government to develop cutting-edge education programs and address the climate crisis and wider sustainability issues. The project aligns with the goals of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, Climate-KIC, EIT Digital, and EIT Raw Materials and supports their strategic aims.

The project will train and mentor a minimum of 750 & 75 students; respectively. The project will train and mentor a minimum of 110 & 33 researchers/academic staff; respectively. The project target to increase the competencies of 110 non-academic staff & mentor 33.  BOOSTalent will support 5 start-ups/scale-ups during the project period. BOOSTalent aims to strengthen existing enterprises by providing high-skilled employees (ca. 750 skilled workers over the period of the project). The consortium aims to collaborate with 5 NGOs to reach out to society.

The BOOSTalent project focuses on five sub-topics - sustainability, aerospace, advanced materials, electronics, and biodiversity - which were chosen to align with the Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) of the participating countries.

The BOOSTalent project brings together an eight-partner consortium comprised of five higher education institutions (Technical University of Varna, Arctic Uni. Norway, Kyiv Academic Uni., Uni. Applied Sciences of Burgenland, Istanbul Kultur University, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute) and three business partners (G-Force, Goodguys GmbH, Octa Insight AS) to enhance institutional innovation and entrepreneurship practices.

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