Evaluation of the fit4life-project

The main project is funded by the Fonds Gesundes Österreich (Fonds for a healthy Austria). The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland’s department Social Work carried out the project’s evaluation. 


The project aimed to increase the health competences of young people from non-privileged socio-economic backgrounds to better prepare them for the entry into the labor market. The project also comprised preventive activities against poverty due to unemployment. Social integration through sports, culture and healthy eating and nature outings within the setting of the child and youth welfare institution „Verein Soziales Wohnhaus Neunkirchen“ were intended to promote health consciousness, physical activities and personal autonomy. Researchers opted for a holistic and participatory approach to the target group. This entailed a potential to better promote health issues since persons tend to orient themselves along close social contacts and exclusion is proven to have a negative impact on psychosocial health.

Aim of the  Evaluation

The external evaluation allows the funding institution and project partners to verify that a project was implemented that indeed promoted health-related issues and that funds were applied appropriately in a sustainable manner. The evaluation informs of efficacy and efficiency in handling funds and the impact orientation concerning social interaction and promotion of health topics in the work with the target group.

Within the framework of the process evaluation, the project team finds guidance regarding the structural optimization and the quality of the measures put in place throughout the duration of the project.

Duration: 09/2016 - 08/2018

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