Burgenland – Advancement thanks to Education

Burgenland ranks top in the national education statistics – 24% of all residence hold the university entrance diploma and the state boasts a high student quota; this makes Burgenland the region with the steepest increase in regard to educational advancement

Program Director Günther Ogris (SORA), Research Director Silvia Ettl-Huber (University of Applied Sciences Burgenland), leading member of the state government Helmut Bieler (Burgenland)

All experts agree: education is a key prerequisite for individual, professional and social advancement. A region as a whole needs many well-educated people to stand its grounds in the face of national and international competition. 

A study by the social science institute SORA shows that Burgenland evolved to be a model region concerning educational reforms, progress and standards in education.

Back in 1971 a mere 5% of the population finished school by attaining a university entrance diploma. By now, 24% of people in Burgenland hold this diploma, which means that Burgenland lies above the national average. By now, about 47% of the population works in the tertiary sector. The FH Burgenland with its wide range of study programs makes a decisive contribution to enabling persons to study in Burgenland. Long commutes to other regions are thus history.

Only this past year the study programs at the FH Burgenland increased by 25 %, whereby a record of 1822 students had enrolled in the winter semester 2014_15. FH Burgenland attracts both young students and people who are already professionally active. Every other student is enrolled in a master’s degree program, highlighting the important role of the FH Burgenland in education in a rural area.

Another significant marker is: 31% of young persons aged 15 – 34 hold a higher education degree than their parents, which again underlines the enormous progress and dynamics in the education system of the Region.

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