„Economic Radar Burgenland“ uncovers the economy’s and the employee’s stance on taxes and bureaucracy

Lower taxes and fees and therefore more money for research, technology and innovation: worries about employment security, but an overall positive view on the Burgenland as economic base – these are the most prominent results of the study „ Economic Radar Burgenland“. 

The study was carried out in spring 2014 by the institute for strategic analysis within the framework of a project of the UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Burgenland and economic service Burgenland (WiBAG). In two query waves, carried out in spring and fall 2014, about 1200 persons were interviewed; the results give detailed insights into the needs and issues of private employees and enterprises in Burgenland.

To establish a quicker, more efficient administration is a clear demand and thus one of the declared goals to promote Burgenland as a sought after, dynamic economic base.

The data gathered in the project’s framework are so valuable because they highlight the connection between strategy, funding measures and realization. According to ‚Economic Radar’ only about 21 percent of all enterprises has received funding to realize some kind of research project. Out of the remaining 78 percent 43 percent identify the high efforts that have to go into application for funding as primary reason for not applying.

Thus, in the future, the service for companies shall be improved. The process shall be streamlined and easier to understand, funding pots shall be emptied as best possible.

The study also shows clearly that education is an issue in the debates surrounding the economic base Burgenland.  The UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Burgenland sees itself as open platform for economic issues and as such clearly committed itself to the project „Economic Radar“.

The project results also should permeate into the teachings at the UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES. Students work with latest insights and are kept up to date regarding the situation in Burgenland. They learn first-hand what local enterprises and the local workforce think, hope and demand. This ensures that UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Burgenland graduates are endowed with a realistic view on the regional economy that they can put to use in their professional lives.

To this end relations to local enterprises are honed. The UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Burgenland cooperates with more than 400 companies regarding internships and research projects and hires lecturers with various professional backgrounds to ensure a close connection to real life working situations.

The study accompanying the governance project „ Economic Radar Burgenland“ is to be continued in regular intervals and is currently as such the largest long-term study in Austria.

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