Communal value added chains and resources in the context of care and care prevention in Burgenland

Status quo and options

Informal exchange of resources takes place in various ways. Based on existing private initiatives, there exists the possibility for implementing a structured exchange of resources in a neighborhood network. In some regions projects were implemented that promoted such resource exchange – e.g.  the project Nachbarschaftshilfe PLUS (neighborhood help PLUS). There is an innovation potential when it comes to exchange between the older population and the care institution. Some care home inhabitants come from surrounding villages and lose contact to their own neighborhood network. They would like to be in closer contact with age peers who still live independently. In some care institutions, the management organizes such open-door policies (outings, e.g.) and the institutions open up to extramural age peers from the community. According to experts, such moves would require larger facilities because up until now, this requires that furniture has to be moved to make room for additional people 

Overall, 19 biographic and social space oriented interviews were carried out. Those interviews were combined with visual analysis methods (network cards, subjective maps). In different communities auto-photography was used to visualize the challenges the older population faces, especially when it comes to mobility. Additionally, six group discussions held in workshops throughout Burgenland were included in the evaluation. Seven expert interviews added the experts’ perspective to the project topic.

Reasons for the decline in numbers who take advantage of day care facilities for senior citizens in Burgenland were uncovered both in interviews with experts and users. They blame organizational, transport, logistics and money-related aspects for the decline. Due to poor public transport infrastructures, older persons rely on their relatives. Outings are organized for care home residents and day guests to improve the exchange between the two groups. More ideas to make day care for seniors more attractive and to increase the numbers who take advantage of the offer can be found in an idea board collecting innovative approaches from all parts of Burgenland.

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