Future, Doubts & Confidence. Youth in Burgenland 2016

Almost 1000 youngsters aged 14 - 19 took part in the survey carried out in late 2015. The topics of the survey ranged from job opportunities, to subjective safety, and values to their plans for the future. Half of the teenagers have an optimistic attitude towards their future, 43 % were undecided and only 7 % had a grim view of what lies ahead. They also expected Burgenland to have a positive future; here, researchers noticed pronounced regional differences.

The study financed by the Theodor Kery foundation showed that 40% of youth in Jennersdorf county had a grim view of the future as compared to only 16 % in Neusiedl am See. In addition, education has a major impact on the results: the higher the education level of their parents, the more content is their offspring.   

Youngsters also felt positive about meddling with politics, which does not only mean party politics. Volunteering has a high degree of consent in the group aged 14 – 19.

Based on this study, politics started a participation process that invited youth to contribute to the topics the regional youth agency is working out.

Duration: 10/2015 - 02/2016

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