Tracked solar test stand for PV and thermic collectors incl. electric and thermic storage

Tracked solar test stand (exterior system) to meter solar panel (PV, thermic, PV-T) and connected analysis of storage (batteries, water storage) and energy use. The system allows regulating the nominal capacity of individual collectors (in parallel/in series) according to different settings opposite the sun. In addition to this the system offers the possibility to analyse different storage options of electrical (batteries) and thermal energy (water storage) in connection with collectors. This allows developing and analysing optimization potential in regard to individual use of electric energy in connection with battery storage technologies. 

Equipment: 2 x 2-axle pivoting tracker (D60H, DEGERenergy), 2 x collectors (25 m² and 20 m², each is connected hydraulically and electrically), Initial set-up field 1 (2 x flat collector ‘meander’, 2 x flat collector ‘harp’, 2 x vacuum pipes heat pipe), Initial set-up field 2 (15 x PV- module), Battery (10,5 kWh, Fronius), alternating current converter Hybrid (SymoHybrid, Fronius), climatic metering technology (global radiation, diffuse radiation, overall radiation, Albedo-Factor, UV-radiation, hours of sunlight, etc. Kipp&Zonen), steel framing to walk on exterior system and simple switch/retrofitting of collectors


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