Heat pump test stand/thermic cooling test stand incl. hardware-in-the-loop

  • Interactive test stand for electric and thermally powered heat pumps and cooling machines for near-reality representation of dynamic effects in laboratory conditions.
  • for water/water or brine/water systems with a condenser capacity of <20 kW (or step 2, resp. <100 kW)
  • heat source for thermally powered machines (<100 °C)
  • test carriers can be coupled via hardware-in-the-loop principle with building and system simulation program TRNSYS; metering values of the test carrier can be used as input for the simulation and the output of the simulation can serve as new target value for the test carrier.
  • Test carrier can be metered by coupling the building and system simulation under consideration of the system and building concept, resp. (e.g. near-zero-energy building with PV)
  • A mobile metering equipment to validate simulations and optimize heat pumps/cooling machines on system and concept-level
  • Coupling of test carriers with the building or system simulation allows for continuous development of metering concepts for near-zero-energy buildings (EPBD, 2010)
Heat pump test stand - research centre Pinkafeld
Hardware-in-the-Loop principle


  • Werner Stutterecker
    DI(FH) DI Werner Stutterecker PhD
    Dept. Energy & Environment
    Campus Pinkafeld

    Forschungsschwerpunkte: Gebäudetechnik mit Fokus Wärmepumpen- & Kältetechnik
    Angewandte wissenschaftl. Methoden: Experimentelle Untersuchungen, Feldmessungen, Gebäude- & Anlagensimulation, Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

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