Low-temperature Liquefaction

System for thermochemical and thermocatalytic conversion processes

The build-up of infrastructure, competence and know-how in the field of thermochemical and thermocatalytic conversion of biogenic waste materials for the purpose of material and energetic use is part of a comprehensive development strategy at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. A competence centre is to be established on the Pinkafeld campus. The focus lies on maximizing liquid products under consideration that their quality regarding material and energetic use shall be optimized.

Various systematic and experimental testing series with biogenous waste materials can be run by means of the different testing systems and analytic devices.

Test stands:

  • 2 worm drive reactors (capacity 0.5 – 5 kg/h; temperature range 300 – 700°C)
  • Analysis pyrolisator with direct GC/MS – coupling (temperature range 300 – 1200°C)
  • Distillation of liquid products


  • Identification of


    • fuel values
    • ash levels
    • volatile substances


  • elementary analysis (CHNS)
  • analysis of  gases and liquids by means of
  • gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry and
  • gas chromatography/flame ionization detector

Potential Renewable Raw Materials

  • green waste
  • lop
  • shrubbery waste
  • biogenous waste from viticulture, landscaping, forestry
  • waste materials from waste management
  • sewage sludge and bio solids


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