Mobile Smoke Gas Analytics/Exhaust Analytics

Analysis of various exhaust or smoke gases as a result of processes (e.g. burning and pyrolysis) 

Mobile metering technology for exhaust analysis.

Equipment: MultFID (CxHy 0-10000 ppm, ABB), Limas 23 (NO 0-1000 ppm, NO2 0-500 ppm, SO2 0-500 ppm, ABB), Uras 26 (CO 0-3000 ppm, CH4 0-3000 ppm, CO2 0-30 Vol.%, ABB) Magnos 206 (O2 0-100 Vol.%, ABB), heated testing probe and hose, gas cooler, various pumps, condenser, metered addition of phosphor


  • Jürgen Krail
    DI DI(FH) Jürgen Krail
    Dept. Energy & Environment
    Campus Pinkafeld

    Schwerpunkte in Forschung und Lehre:
    Energieverfahrenstechnik, Regenerative Energiesysteme mit Schwerpunkt Biomasse, Prozesssimulation, Technische Akustik, Emissionsmesstechnik und akustische Messtechnik

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