Research Infrastructure

The scope of research activities ranges from large international projects to pinpointed commissioned research. The latest infrastructure is available at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, both at the Eisenstadt and Pinkafeld campus.

The laboratory for energy and environmental technology and the health laboratory in Pinkafeld offer test rigs and metering technology for physical, chemical and health parameters. The model building, the Energetikum, is a state-of-the-art building regarding energy and building technology. It serves as living lab with simulation and testing rooms for research and teaching. 

The Eisenstadt campus features a laboratory for sensory and organoleptic tests, as well as an eye-tracking-laboratory and a market research laboratory to investigate consumer behavior. There is a productivity lab, which researches working conditions for knowledge workers. IT, media and communications projects are researched in the media lab and in two IT-labs.

Selected laboratories and test stands are described and listed on the left.

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