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New information and communication technologies allow sharing objects and resources in new ways and to a new extent. At the same time it becomes apparent that sharing rather than acquiring is favored by young, urban, well-educated persons familiar with new technologies. 

Socially disadvantaged groups, especially groups with a migration background, are often doomed to failure due to a lack of knowledge in the field of communication technologies.

Our approach: in other areas children and young adults are proven to be great intermediaries; they get easily acquainted with new innovative possibilities and can teach their elders new perspectives. This is where the project ShareTech comes in: equal opportunities in regard to sharing needs a test environment in which basic knowledge regarding user systems can be taught. At the same time the project looks at teaching a critical approach to the wealth of digital offerings on the market. The project focuses on social classes that cannot (yet) fully partake in the blessings of innovation due to social and/or cultural restrictions.   

If students (with a migration background or socially disadvantaged students) learn the skills associated with sharing and if they can be inspired to engage in sharing, it can have a positive impact on individuals‘ perspectives, also in regard to their own education and professional goals.   

The ShareTech project aims at a combination of relating digital competences, social competences, as well as media and environmental competences. Students, especially those with a migration background, are going to be part of a research team that (critically) deals with social aspects such as norms, rules for using shared goods, handling shared property and the development of basic technological competences.

ShareTech is funded by the Austrian research funding agency, the Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft, within the ‚regional talents‘ program (130.000 € over the course of two years). The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland’s Department of Information Technologie and Information Management looks forward to cooperating with the consortium leader Research & Data Competence and the project partner Mo.Point. Barbara Geyer-Hayden, program director of the master’s program Applied Knowledge Management, takes on the project’s management.

Duration: 09/2017 – 08/2019

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