• Industry 4.0: cyber physical systems, the internet of things and cloud computing connect to enable automation and data exchange in manufacturing

  • The future-oriented project “SemI4.0“ strengthens Europe’s economy through intelligent production

37 partners, five countries, 62 million Euros budget – these are the cornerstones of the project SemI4.0. Infineon Austria heads one of the largest industry 4.0 research projects focusing on ‘smart factories’. 

In a 'smart factory‘, pre-programmed assembly lines no longer handle individual manufacturing steps; rather the assembly lines take decisions independently  - automatically and with a consistent quality output.

This allows shifting responsibilities away from humans and freeing them for tasks that are more complex.  

The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland is a project partner in this reputable project. Under the guidance of the Master’s program director Cloud Computing Engineering, Dr. Markus Tauber, the research team addresses the question how one can transfer data from the cloud to the robot in a secure manner. In this communication, both software and machines are susceptible to failure.

'This European project makes an important contribution to strengthening production and employment in Europe and thus to securing its significance as economic and technology base', declares Sabine Herlitschka, Managing Director of Infineon Austria. She asserts “all organisations involved benefit from this international cooperation and create a competitive edge.”

In addition to the concrete applications, the project also looks into societal impacts on the workplace of the future. Industry 4.0, which heavily relies on the communication between machines, changes job requirements and requirements concerning future employees’ qualifications.  Tomorrow’s job profiles must already be taken into consideration today.

Research activities connected to the project SemI4.0 contribute to saving more than 20 000 jobs in the companies participating in the project.

The work/A part of the work has been performed in the project Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0 (SemI40), under grant agreement No 692466. The project is co-funded by grants from Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal and - Electronic Component Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU).

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