Productive 4.0 - Electronics and ICT as enabler for digital industry and optimized supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle

With over 100 participating partners, Productive 4.0 is so far the largest EU-wide research project regarding the topic Industry 4.0. The main objective of Productive4.0 is to help improve digitalizing the European industry by use of electronics[SC1]  and ICT. Ultimately, the project aims at providing suitability for everyday application across all industrial sectors – up to TRL8. It addresses various industrial domains with one and the same approach of digitalization. What makes the project unique is the holistic system approach of consistently focusing on the three main pillars

·         digital production

·         supply chain networks

·         product lifecycle management

all of which interact and influence each other. This is part of the new concept of introducing seamless automation and network solutions as well as enhancing the transparency of data, their consistence and overall efficiency.

The FH Burgenland contributes via its Center for Cloud and CPS Security with topics related to digitisation and security and the costs of security.


Duration: 05/2017 – 04/2020

Funding agencies

Funding agency



  • ECSEL JU - Electronic Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking

  • FFG

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