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The development of secure applications is becoming even more important in “Industry 4.0” scenarios. This new development, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, ultimately leads to an inter-connection of many different components, software- and IT-systems to form “Cyber-Physical Systems”. The main goals of these systems are to increase the efficiency of the production facilities and to increase the competitiveness in order to stay relevant in the future (from an industrial point of view). Due to this inter-connection of many different IT-systems (ranging from office applications, production planning software to controlling automation technologies in production), new unprecedented security risks emerge, which have yet to be addressed. But, the implementation of security counter-measures in IT-systems always requires compromises. For example the use of encryption mechanisms requires a certain amount of computational resources, or the implementation of authentication measures takes a certain amount of time. Therefore, security is always a compromise between the need to eliminate a specific threat and the effort spent to provide counter-measures. For the implementation of theses security counter-measures, the key to success will be to find a balanced way of providing security without losing the control of the effort spent to do so (both economically and technologically). The MIT 4.0 project’s main goal is to develop a Toolset, which can be used to evaluate performance and security in Industry 4.0 scenarios. During the project FHB will have the lead in all WPs, while the other partners (AVL, IFAT, B-SEC) are involved in various work packages. The project is scheduled for 36 months and the work plan is defined in accordance with the objectives of the project and organized according the expertise of the partners. Overall goal is the development of a general security and cost (performance) model and corresponding metric catalogue as well as a tool set to visualize the model outputs, measuring agents and a harness to collect all information.

Duration: 05/2016 – 09/2017

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