My heart & me – Sparkling Science

The project “Sparkling Science – me and my heart – a healthy team! “is an R&D-project carried out in cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and the ECOLE-HBLW Güssing.

Sparkling Science contributes to the model project „Oberwart united in good health“. The project team was brought together with students of the partner school ECOLE-HBLW Güssing to carry out the qualitative process assessment of the healthy heart promotion project in the settings „school“ and „municipality“. The students received scientific qualifications to enable them to carry out methods of empirical social study independently in their school. The project was also intended to entice students to embark on education in the tertiary sector. Didactically speaking, students were led to experience new approaches to project-based learning. The students were seen as partners in the project and thus experienced first-hand the peer-group-approach method.

Project partner and funding agency

Project partner

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Katrin Kalchbrenner, MA

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