Multi-dimensional regeneration research by means of mechano-transduction and CO2-bath treatments for Athletes and workers

The project ‚regeneration research‘ examines the regeneration capabilities by comparing two interventions: CO2-baths and mechano-transduction in athletes and workers. Both interventions have an impact on the vegetative nervous system in humans. Associated tone adjustments and other organic adaptations of the cardiovascular system (= physical regeneration) and the harmonization and psychologic stabilization (= psychological regeneration) are under examination in the studies in hand. 

The multi-dimensional project design is carried out at two locations (UAS Burgenland, Pinkafeld campus and Kurbad AG/Bad Tatzmannsdorf) and comprises two designs with different test collectives (athletes and workers).

I) Sub- project I: physical regeneration/ CO2-baths: measures the regenerative capabilities of athletes (Basketball team/Redwell Gunners  and Soccer team/SC Bad Tatzmannsdorf) after highly intensive trainings. In a first series of tests, researchers look at psycho-motoric speed and HRV-rates, as well as skipping and sprinting tests. Questionnaires are to be filled in to evaluated the subjective degree of regeneration and training intensity.   Intensive exercises are followed by regenerative measures, such as Co2-baths and baths in the Kurbad AG. In a second series of tests, researchers evaluate the regenerative impact of CO2 baths for athletes.

II) Sub- project II: psychological regeneration/mechano-transduction: here, researchers look at the impact of repeated applications of low frequency impulses with the mechano-transduction device „Evocell“ on the muscle tone and on the psychological regeneration of test subjects. UAS Burgenland employees and employees of the Kurbad AG Bad Tatzmannsdorf serve as test persons for this part of the project.

Duration: 01/2017 - 08/2018

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Funding agency

Funded by EFRE and funds provided by the regional government of Burgenland.

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Mag. Julia Powischer

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