IMPACT! IMPproving health and social institutions by ACtivating available Technologies

Health and social entities are subject to ongoing changes. Due to demographic shifts in the participating nations (Austria and Slovenia) and shortages in public funds states are forced to revise their options: new technologies are to be implemented. The IMPACT!-project aimed at filtering out technologies that exemplify how the health care sector can benefit from new technologies. A systematic approach is to be developed so it can be applied repeatedly for additional technology and application areas. Within the project the FH Burgenland focused on optimizing supply chains (WP 1) and infrastructure (WP 2) in health and social services.



The targets of work package 1 was optimizing supply chains for convalescent persons from stationary care to various health and social services to independent living at home by using new services and supporting technologies. Figure 2 indicates the various requirements for using assistive Technologies.

The targets of work package 2 were optimizing energy efficiency of relevant environmental technologies; the use of such technologies in health and social services facilities aimed at increasing the quality of life, promoting health and reducing costs. To work on both packages FH Burgenland cooperated with the geriatric health centers of the city of Graz.

Fig. 2 Requirement sorted by target group. Own diagram on the basis of Resch, K./ Hofer, K. (2013). Lecture.
Fig. 3 Path through health and social services. Own graphic on the basis of Pichlbauer (2012).


A code of practice for the integration of assistive technologies in care consultancy for short-term care is developed. The results of research carried out within the tasks of work package 2 show that the optimized integration of photo voltaics entails economic advantages and a positive impact on the power grid.

Fig. 4 Code of practice for the use of assistive technologies. In care consultancy. Own graph.

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  • Peter J. Mayer
    Prof.(FH) Ing. Mag. Peter J. Mayer MAS, MSc, MBA
    Dept. Health
    Campus Pinkafeld

    Schwerpunkte in Forschung und Lehre:
    Gesundheits- & Krankenhausmanagement, insb. Prozess- und PatientInnenperspektive,
    Integriertes Versorgungsmanagement sowie Leitung von Langzeitbetreuungseinrichtungen

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