Healthy Employees – Healthy Enterprise!

Strengthening the psycho-social health of employees in enterprises throughout Burgenland applying the social capital and resilience approach 


Psycho-social stress is one of the most prevalent causes for occupational disabilty, sick leave and early retirement. Unfavorable occupational requirements, organisation and communication structures and a lack of possibilites to participate influence psycho-social health. Relationships between colleagues and superiors also play a central role in the well-being and the motivation of employees. 

The Forschung Burgenland project „healthy employees – healthy enterprise!“ looks at issues in occupational health promotion and draws special attention to the psycho-social health of employees. Psycho-social health is approached from the social capital angle as defined by Badura and under consideration of issues of resilience. As scientific basis for the project serve the participating companies‘ psycho-social health capital  inspired by Badura and the resilience approach.

The project „healthy employees – healthy enterprise!“ is run as pilot in five companies in Burgenland that operate in different business areas:

·       Hospital Oberpullendorf (KRAGES)

·       Red Cross Burgenland

·       Schloffer GmbH

·       Vamos

·       Vossen GmbH & Co. KG

The project focuses on increasing the psycho-sociale health capital of the pilot companies and improve the resilience of their employees and management in ordert o reduce psycho-social stress. The project looks at implementing behavioral patterns designed to increase individuals‘ resilience and measures designed to improve interpersonal relationships. Both aspects build favorable sustainable organisational frameworks within which the stakeholdes operate.

The measures are designed with a low gender and age threshold, as well as with a diversity-oriented approach to employees and the management in mind. The systematic project process complies with the Public Health Action Cycle and includes the phases diagnosis, planning, realization and evaluation.

As added benefit the project aims at creating an interorganisational network that looks at collaborational learning and sharing synergies and resources to generate new knowledge.

Funding agencies

Funded through means provided by the regional health fund (Landesgesundheitsförderungsfonds) Burgenland.


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