HEALTH - Interregional Knowledge Base for Health Care

One can speak of a know-how explosion in health care at the moment. Various concepts of knowledge management have already been introduced; however, there is a lack of instruments and methods to enable shared use of available know-how in cooperative settings. The project goal was to set up a basic infrastructure for knowledge management and for the use of an interactive know-how platform that allows for a direct exchange of experience and continuous know-how transfer and thus contributes to broadening competences in the hospitals of our project partners. After analysing existing structures in knowledge management in health care environments and in the partner hospitals incentive systems were examined that could promote knowledge exchange. In a next step knowledge management expertise was brought in. A three-step-sequence of focus groups created the conditions for a useful knowledge exchange via a wiki knowledge platform.

Project team and project manager

Project manager

  • Peter J. Mayer
    Prof.(FH) Ing. Mag. Peter J. Mayer MAS, MSc, MBA
    Dept. Health
    Campus Pinkafeld

    Schwerpunkte in Forschung und Lehre:
    Gesundheits- & Krankenhausmanagement, insb. Prozess- und PatientInnenperspektive,
    Integriertes Versorgungsmanagement sowie Leitung von Langzeitbetreuungseinrichtungen

Project team

Nadine Mittl, MA

Mag.a Judith Goldgruber

Prof. (FH) Mag. Florian Schnabel, MPH

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