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People caught up in the complex health care system need support in the form of a clear therapeutic competency management. The Department Health now researches the issue by means of a case simulation

Complex processes have to ensure that therapeutic success not only depends on the commitment of individual employees; binding structures need to define a smooth course of events and need to ensure that mistakes can largely be avoided in all areas of the health care system. Health professionals require support in their daily routines in a complex system. This requires a professional therapeutic competence management, clear regulations to avoid crises (Crisis Resource Management – CRM) and coherent, professional activity logs suitable for networking. The individual must not be left to his or her own devices; health care professionals must be supported in their tasks and unambiguous, manageable and controllable structures need to be implemented.

The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland (FH Burgenland) embraces this research field as it is closely connected to several course programs for selected health care professions. In terms of research-oriented teaching FH Burgenland closely cooperates with “Forschung Burgenland“. 

The “Health Lab“ on the Pinkafeld campus is a center of competence and research for therapeutic simulation programs. A newly designed laboratory featuring state of the art equipment allows carrying out work place simulations in a safe, controlled environment under laboratory conditions. This allows gathering empirical data that help improve processes in real-life environments, which can also serve as point of departure for further research. 

Target groups for these new research environments can be external customers of FH Burgenland or Forschung Burgenland, e.g. health care professionals in public hospitals, care providers or care personnel. Research projects in therapeutic competence management, activity log trainings and crisis resource management related research can be realized for these target groups. Training and continued education, as well as instructor training, so-called train-the-trainer-courses, round off the health lab’s comprehensive offers.



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