The main focus of the project was put on strengthening the health competence and social capital of persons with special needs in the pilot region Southern Burgenland (counties Oberwart, Güssing, and Jennersdorf) though their inclusion in existing association structures. This region was selected because it features distinctive demographic markers.   The project focused of persons with handicaps, chronically ill persons, older persons and persons at risk of isolation. The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland was in charge of case management and results assessment. 

The university’s assessment concept was based on a triangular methodological approach. Central tasks included illustrating the project’s target range, the ongoing case management and project documentation. In addition to document analysis groups and individuals were interviewed to allow for a low threshold exchange of experiences of all stakeholders. The core of the assessment was the quantitative social capital metering according to Prof. Gehmacher, which was carried out as baseline query at the onset and as follow-up query at the end of the project.

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