Feasibility-Study for a Medical Center in the Staff Building of the Pinkafeld Barracks

A residential area is planned on the grounds of the former Pinkafeld barracks. Pöll Bau & Immobilien, a local developer, is in charge of renovating the buildings. Pöll Bau & Immobilien ordered a feasibility study at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland’s Department of Health Sciences to find out whether or not setting up a medical center would make sense there. The university put its R&D-subsidiary, Forschung Burgenland, in charge of the study. 

At first, the existing health care infrastructure in the Pinkafeld area was analyzed along certain indices. To include affected target groups, guided interviews were held with doctors and other health professionals; patients’ opinions were collected by means of questionnaires and a focus group was organized made up of local residents. The inquiries focused on the interest in and need for a medical center and what the center’s range of services might include.


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