Burgenland Health Report 2017



Based on the regional health report 2012 the regional government ordered the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland’s Department of Health to write the fourth regional health report.  The report looks at potential determinants for good health. Central stakeholders shall be made part of this process in order to increase public acceptance of the report as defined by guidelines for integrated health reporting.


Burgenland’s health report 2017 shall provide information regarding the state of health of the local population and the state of public health care in the state. It shall furthermore analyze this data, depict trends and uncover potential need for action on a political level. In terms of a modern health report, the paper does not only list illness-related data; it also incorporates information regarding the subjective well-being of people, factors known to impact health and measures to further healthy lifestyles. The report aims to combine, depict and analyze existing health care data and identify problem areas and regions.


Traditionally speaking, secondary data forms the basis for health reports. The longitudinal research design also considers data going back to the 2012 health report und it compares all data collected with a country-wide average. Measures to be taken are derived in cooperation with the order client in a focus group discussion.

Duration: 04/2017 – 03/2018

Funding agency, research and cooperation partners

Funding agency

Regional Government Burgenland, Department 6 – Social Services, Health, Family and Sports

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  • Barbara Szabo
    Dr. Barbara Szabo BA, MA
    Dept. Health
    Campus Pinkafeld

    Psychosoziale Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz, Schulische Gesundheitsförderung, Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung im Setting Schule, Bewegungsförderung, Evaluation von Gesundheitsprojekten

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