Wind energy marketing

Sample solutions for innovative pilot applications concerning the intelligent marketing of wind energy in Burgenland

Diagram wind energy marketing

The wind marketing project in Burgenland reflects the development of a region in which the generation of power from wind serves as precursor for an environmentally friendly energy supply in the future. Business models and areas of application shall be developed for wind energy production with support of system flexibilities that are exemplary. New business models are set up to improve the economics of wind power stations, especially after the end of the funding period. These models are also expected to serve as incentive for any further development of renewable energy production.  


  • Data collection of the status quo concerning the production of wind power in Burgenland. The analysis should yield information regarding system flexibilties (Storage, DSM, P2H, P2C, etc.).
  • Developing areas of application: defining business opportunities for future wind energy marketing.
  • Business model development and definition of required flexibilities: deducing technological, economical and legal frameworks and flexibility requirements.
  • Inklusion of stakeholders: carrying out participative measures with affected stakeholders to enable reflection and adaptation of possible business models.
  • Drawing up a schedule for the realization of possible follow-up projects.

Duration: 07/2016-03/2017

status quo areas of application for wind energy in Burgenland

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