URBAN INNO - Utilizing innovation potential of urban ecosystems

URBAN INNO – „Utilizing innovation potential of urban ecosystems“ is a project co-funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme. It is addressing the challenge to make Central Europe more innovative and competitive by maximizing the innovation potential of smaller and medium sized urban ecosystems. A significantly better linkage of actors within urban innovation ecosystems is needed for a better use of innovation potentials. 

URBAN INNO focuses on maximizing innovation potentials of urban ecosystems through establishment of quadruple helix clusters/networks in the partner regions  as well as by development and implementation of new participatory methods and tools to engage end-users in innovation processes with the objective to have educated and motivated users – SMART USERS. 5 new quadruple-helix networks will be established in partnership regions, and 6 regional/urban innovation plans developed. In parallel, new participatory methods and tools will be developed and tested in 9 pilot projects that will be implemented in partners regions.

Project activities:

-        Setting-up quadruple-helix urban innovation clusters/networks in target regions

-        Development of a toolbox of smart participatory methods

-        Implementing and evaluating (smart) participatory methods in urban innovation processes (pilots)

-        Development of the transnational urban innovation cooperation strategy

Project duration

01 June, 2016 – 31 May, 2019

Research & cooperation partners

Project partners

CyberForum e.V., Germany
Inno AG, Germany
E-Institute, Institute for comprehensive development solutions, Slovenia
Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia
Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Municipality of Kielce/ Kielce Technology Park, Poland
City of Rijeka, Croatia
Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., Croatia
Pannon Business Network Association, Hungary
Research Burgenland GmbH, Austria
Vorarlberg University of Applied Science, Austria
InformaticaTrentina Spa, Italy

Associated partners

Economic Development Department Karlsruhe, Germany
Vas County Authority, Hungary
City of Pinkafeld, Austria
City of Hartberg, Austria
Košice Self-governing Region

Project team and project manager

Project manager

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