Heating and cooling in low performance ranges (<2 kW, thermically) with thermocacoustic heat pumps

The project researches various thermoacousting heat pump concepts for low performance ranges (<2 kW) that can be used for building technology applications such as heating, warm water provisions and air conditioning (cooling).

The innovation lies in researching heat pumps that work according to the thermoacoustic principle and thus work without climate-change relevant cooling agents.


  • Development of a calculation method for thermoacoustic heat pump concepts adapted to energy efficient building technology applications including specifications for components.
  • Construction of thermoacousting heat pump test stands for building technology applications such as heating, warm water provision and air cooling.
  • Lab experiments are carried out to research the thermoacoustic heat pump test stand and its impact both on a system and  on a concept level.
  • Application of realistic loads with the help of hardware-in-the-loop simulations through coupling test stand and system simulation software.


At the end of the project, the team should have a low-performance range heat pump test stand that is based on the thermocacoustic principle that approaches the degree of quality one expects from conventional heat pumps.

The applciation of realistic loads allows testing if it can be used for building technology applications.

Fig. 2: comparative measurement at similar temperatures: thermoacoustic test stand heat pump (Spoelstra et al., 2012) and conventional electric serial heat pump (measured by the team: Stutterecker and Schoberer, 2015)

Funding agencies, research & cooperation partners

Funding agency

This project is funded through the climate and energy fund and carried out within the framework of the energy research programm 2015. .

Research partners

The project consortium consists of the two research companies Forschung Burgenland GmbH and FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH, as well as the heat pump manufacturer Heliotherm.

Project team and project manager

Project manager

Project team

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