Unleashing the potential of transnational cooperation, through Digital Innovation Hubs, to promote RIS3 implementation

As part of the S3HubsinCE project, ten partner organisations from Central Europe (AT, DE, HU, IT, HR, PL, SI) are creating a digitisation network. In the project region there is a high potential for the implementation of regional innovation strategies (RIS3). Therefore, this project aims to support companies and organisations in the programme area in their digitisation projects.

Referring to the project, 10 working groups (navigation crews) on different digitisation topics were founded, which offer services for interested companies and organisations:

1.     Data Analytics, Complex Simulation and Modelling

2.     Machine Vision

3.     Predictive Maintenance

4.     Factory & Process Automation

5.     Machinery

6.     Advanced & Smart Materials

7.     Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

8.     Digital Marketing

9.     Innovation in a Circular Economy

10.   Design & Engineering for Additive Manufacturing


The main objective of the project partnership is to establish an innovation network in Central Europe.


 If you are interested in the project or one of the navigation crews, please contact the project management named below.


Project duration: 03/2019 bis 02/2022


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