Analysis and further development of innovative heat pump technologies for future buildings

Fig. 1: Thermal image of a Peltier-element in the warm up phase

The project future heat pump aims at realizing material and immaterial structures in the field of innovative, decentralised heat pump technologies. It does so paying close attention to new innovative approaches such as thermoelectrics, thermoacoustics and magnetocalorics. 

To this end, metering technology and simulation software is acquired, experimental and numerical methods are continuously developed and applied in order to carry out more substantial research activities for heating and cooling applications in building technology.  

Innovation aspects surface in focusing on decentralized heat pumps on the one side and in the application of thermoelectrics, thermoacoustics and magnetocalorics for heating and cooling in building technology on the other side.



Experimental and numerical methods are developed, applied and validated within the framework of this project. The following methods are put to use in the following areas:

  • Small heat pumps
    Test stand  development designed to validate decentralized small heat pumps through experiments.
  • Thermo elektrics
    Development and application of test method to characterize thermoelectric materials concerning their efficiency in thermoelectric modules both in ambient settings and in vacuums.
  • Thermo acoustics
    Development and application of a numeric method to examine thermo acoustic heat pumps and calculate their integration into buildings.
  • Magneto calorics
    Development of a model for the numeric validation of magneto caloric heat pumps.

 Duration: 01/2017 - 12/2021

Fig. 2: Heat pump test stand in the research center Burgenland

Funding agencies, research & cooperation partners

Funding agency

The project Future_Heat_Pump is funded by the programme COIN by BMWFW.

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