Network stabilization and optimization of the distributions network using “Flexible AC Distribution Systems“

Whenever new energy supply and consumption patterns emerge the demand for storage systems is on the rise.

Storage systems and their preceding converters can provide network services and help secure uninterrupted supply in network bottlenecks.

The project FACDS examines the definitions of network conducive functionalities of future decentralized storage systems in electricity distribution networks with simulation-based validation on system level (network simulation) and on component level (control system development).

FACDS also carries out a laboratory validation of converter systems.

The FACDS-project’s core component is the real-life implementation of test systems in Seestadt Aspern.



Forschung Burgenland’s contribution to the project deals with the development and evaluation of storage service systems. Due to the profitability of energy storage systems focus is put on identifying and evaluating possible multi-usage scenarios.

For example, a storage unit could support the network, increase the voltage quality, increase market flexibility and improve demand side power management. One has to take into consideration parallel user requirements in regard to performance and energy. User requirements have to be compared to legal and regulatory directives, which have to be taken into consideration when it comes to developing multiple-usage scenarios.

Multiple-usage scenarios are going to be realized in the testbed Aspern Smart City.



The storage units examined within the framework of this project are currently tested and gauged in the laboratories of AIT and undergo various technical tests.

In parallel to those tests, regulatory directives and economic indicators are drawn up and first basic scenarios for multiple usage scenarios have been identified.

Duration: 03/2016 - 08/2018 

Fig. 1: six important development axes required for reaching the goal

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