CE-HEAT project is addressing the challenge on how to improve the governance of energy efficiency by focusing on the field of waste heat utilization. This field was identified as one of the most pressing issues at regional and local level. To improve waste heat utilization, better and comprehensive planning and monitoring tools are needed. CE-HEAT partnership designed a solution through three specific objectives:

  • to provide an excellent analytical and monitoring platform through establishment of GIS based regional waste heat cadastres with waste heat sources classification and a monitoring tool
  • to provide comprehensive solution for managing waste heat utilization projects and strategies through the development of a waste heat utilization toolbox (leading stakeholders participation process, establishing feasibility etc)
  • to incorporate new approach into local, regional and national strategies by integration of new cadastre and toolbox into existing spatial planning and energy management systems and spread it throughout CE area and beyond.

The first level of target groups of CE-HEAT project are regional/local energy policy makers and spatial planners. Second level is represented by waste heat producers, potential investors and local stakeholders. A transnational approach will enable partners to use different experiences, knowledge and competences to find solutions to a common problem in common legal environment. It will also bring added value because solutions will be tested through pilot projects in very different scenarios.

Duration: 01/2017 - 12/2021

Funding agencies, research & cooperation partners

Funding agency

Research partners

  • E-institute, institute for comprehensive development solutions (SI)
  • Energy Management Agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia (IT)
  • Energy Insitute Hrvoje Požar (HR)
  • Drava Hydropower Plants Ltd (SI)
  • Forschung Burgenland GmbH (AT)
  • Thuringian Energy and GreenTech Agency GmbH (DE)
  • Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem (CZ)
  • Poltegor-Institute (PL)
  • National Centre for Energy Savings (CZ)
  • Ministry of lndustry and Trade of the Czech Republic (CZ)
  • The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (HR)
  • City Municipality of Maribor SI
  • Marshall Office of the Lower Silesia Region (PL)

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