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We spend the bigger part of our lives in buildings. The project allows children and young adults to examine their living quarters. The tasks are adapted to their age range and experts accompany them in meeting their tasks. They think about topics such as architecture, building materials and light and their respective effects on well-being (Fig.1)


The insights gained from the project will be compared with data and facts (e.g. statistical data) from other regions and countries (especially to the countries of origin of pupils with a migration history); the data will be compared with local data and serves as basis for project-related discussions. Based on the data collected, pupils share their expectations and needs regarding housing. They will draw simple plans and then look at and discuss the ecological and societal impact of their plans.


Workshops are organized that turn children and young adults into experts that pass on their newly acquired knowledge in terms of peer-to-peer tutoring to even younger children/youths and to their parents and/or guardians in workshops created for these target groups. 

Preschools, elementary schools and middle schools are involved in the project. In das Projekt involviert sind Kindergartenkinder genauso wie Kinder der Volksschule und Neuen Mittelschule. So wird ein altersübergreifender Wissenstransfer möglich.


Duration: 09/2017 – 08/2020

Funding agency, research and cooperation partners

Funding agency

FFG – Talente regional – 6. Ausschreibung




education partners

·         HTL Pinkafeld

·         NMS Oberwart

·         VS Wolfau

·         NMS Oberschützen

·         VS Oberschützen

·         Kindergarten Oberschützen

Project team University of Applied Sciences Burgenland

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