Smart Production and Service Solutions

Signing the co-financing contract of the Interreg SI-AT 2014-2020 programme for the SMART PRODUCTION project

The overall challenge for the project lies in the improvement of territorial competitiveness of production-oriented SMEs, which in turn represent the primary generator of R&D-activities, innovation, growth and employment; businesses here face increasing pressure from low-income economies on the one side and highly innovative and developed supply chains in developed economies on the other side. The project aims at setting up a database featuring innovative, production-oriented SMEs with their seat in the programme‘s area (SI-AT); the SMEs work on shared technological specialisations that are in tune with the  strategy for intelligent specialisations, first and foremost in the area of ‚intelligent factories‘ where the main outputs result in investments in technological and non-technological innovations in at least 50 cross-border SMEs. 15 projects introduce a quality management system, 15 projects aim at lean production, 5 deal with setting up efficiency metering, at least 10 yield  new products and 5 bring about new technology businesses.    


• Set up of a cross-border know-how hub for intelligent solutions through the development of a cooperation strategy:

  • Creating a methodology
  • Analysis of the status quo
  • Development of a strategy

• Development of support tools to improve competitiveness:

  • best practice identification and Transfer

• Testing the know-how hub for intelligent production and service Solutions:

  • Quality improvement
  • Lean production academy
  • Product development & technology transfer
  • Founding technology start-ups

Duration: 05/2016 - 04/2019

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