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Mluvte česky – a web portal designed to study Czech as key to international business relations

Working relations to Central and Eastern European countries form a focal point of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland (FH Burgenland). Geographic and cultural borders are best overcome when we can speak our neighbors’ language and are able to negotiate with them in their words. 

Burgenland has a reputation as European meeting place; the FH Burgenland and its program ‘International Business Relations‘ are a hub for dialog with partners from central and eastern European economies. 

FH Burgenland works on a web portal called “Mluvte česky!“, which means ‚Speak Czech!‘. Together with partners from the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Slovakia the FH Burgenland develops a net-based open access multi-lingual study program. The program offers tools for learning basic Czech on A1 and A2 level. A special course for medical Czech is part of the offer. This offer addresses medical students and health care professionals. 

The project is realized with funds from the EU LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME for multilateral projects and transfer of innovation 2012 in the Leonardo da Vinci program. The project is managed by the Language Institute of the Masaryk University. Prof. (FH) Ludmila Waschak is the project coordinator at the FH Burgenland. 

Funding agency, research and cooperation partners

Funding agency

Dum zahranicních služeb, Národní agentura pro evropské vzdelávací programy

príspevková organizace – National Agency for European Educational Programmes in Prague, Czech Republic



Research partners

Overall project management

Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic

Project team University of Applied Sciences Burgenland

Project manager

Project team

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