Playful Politics – learn about democracy with the Democracy-App

What exactly means ‚opposition’? How many representatives constitute the regional government in the Landtag? How often does the municipal government have to meet? These and more than 350 other questions make up the Burgenland Democracy App. It is designed as classic quiz and teaches practice- oriented political knowledge.

The Democracy App was developed at the order of the state Burgenland, in cooperation with the UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Burgenland, its research subsidiary Forschung Burgenland, Akademie Burgenland and the institute for strategic analysis. The idea behind the project is to increase the democratic awareness, especially in young people, and to entice people to actively engage in political work. The app is designed to increase young persons’ interest in political issues in a playful way. The idea was accompanied by the thought that political education happens increasingly via social media. The target group is youths age 14 and up. The players’ knowledge about politics in Burgenland, Austria and the European Union is at stake in the online quiz that is available for smartphones and tablets. One can challenge friends or other random players or the computer. The player gets six questions and four multiple-choice based answers. Each question has a time limit of one minute. An editorial team of journalists put together the catalogue of questions.

Along with the App, the education program ‘Political Education for Multipliers in Youth Work! Started in March 2015. This series of courses addresses professionals who work with young persons.

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