bz - Wiener Bezirkszeitung Reception Analysis

The ”bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung“ (local newspaper in Vienna) was interested in the reading behavior, the reception of the paper and the attitudes the Viennese target group has towards the free publication ”bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung“. Following core questions were examined:

  • Does the paper successfully manage to impart its USP,  which is its position as a borough‘s guidance system?
  • What types of readers use the ”bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung“. as source for information for an optimized orientation within the borough and why? Can families be addressed in a sustainable manner and if so, how?

With these core questions in mind the project analyzed both the status quo and the optimal situation in regard to the publication’s reader reception. The reception was to be specified along criteria such as district, age and civil status.


Online questionnaire and survey

The survey took 53 days to complete; readers were invited to participate between 24 Jun 2015 and 15 Aug 2015. It was first published in the issue ‘bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung’ released on 25 Jun 2015. The survey’s link had been activated 6737 times. The survey focused on evaluating existing topics and learning about the readers‘ interests. All in all 4222 participants completed the questionnaire from beginning to end.

Screenshot citing the online questionnaire’s return from 17 Aug 2015.

Reader’s evaluation of the bz – Wiener Bezirkszeitung

The results of the online survey showed the high degree of approval ”bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung“ enjoys with its readers concerning the realisation of its targets. 87% of the participants value it as a local publication, 89‘% think of it as intelligible to all and 80% judge it as up-to-date.

The ”bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung“ is received as action sparking paper for the various districts. Topics with a focus going beyond district boundaries were not identified as topics of interest for ”bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung“-readers. Proximity to the district scored 100%. An increase in local reporting, district-specific offers and events that refer to a) environment, nature & animals; b) health & medicine; c) art & culture and d) cooking & fine dining were identified as possible areas of improvement.

Duration: 05/2015 - 10/2015


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