Central Building Energy Management System ( ZGEM - Zentrales Gebäude Energie Managementsystem) for heat pumps, PV, thermic and electric storage

A cross-branches partner network aims at developing an intelligent, integrated building control system designed to centrally control core components for energy supply, energy storage and distribution/consumption in a building based on the principles of energy and demand side optimization. 

Fig. 1: Integrated building management functions overview concerning the energy flow in a building

About 40% of energy is consumed in buildings; this makes building technology a key discipline when it comes to attaining European climate and energy goals. Developments on single technologies level are being replaced by developments aiming at comprehensive systems with coordinated yield and load profiles of all relevant energy forms. The development of efficient and economical system solutions requires a cooperative network featuring interdisciplinary know how.

To this end, a consortium made up of research and industry partners initiated the ZGEM research project. The project focuses on developing and testing an innovative and centralized building energy management system that is to integrate and optimize heat pumps, thermic storage systems (puffers), PV systems with three-phased self-commutated voltage inverters and battery storage systems integrating regional weather data in order to maximize the consumption of PV-energy and ease the load on the electric grid.

This goal can only be attained through a cooperative network of partners from a variety of branches that contribute their respective views and their respective expertise to a comprehensive identification of issues and the solution thereof.

Fig. 2 The consortium of the project


Data analysis and Evaluation

  •  To define control Parameters
  •  To develop a monitoring System
  •  To define optimization options

Laboratory tests (short term/long term) aimed at product development

  • small scale lab trials
  • large scale field trials


Duration: 11/2016 - 10/2018



Funding agency, research and cooperation partner

Funding agency

The project ZGEM is funded by the COIN-Program "Networks", 8th call.

Research partner


Plank H., Heschl C., Paar K.: „Innovative central building energy management”; Konferenzbeitrag zur „9th International Conference on Indoor Climate of Buildings“; Štrbské pleso 2016


Klanatsky P., Heschl C., Plank H.: „Rahmenbedingungen für die effiziente Integration von hybriden Speicherlösungen“; Konferenzbeitrag zum Internationalen Kongress e nova 2017 - Zukunft der Gebäude“; Pinkafeld 2017

Project team

Project manager

Scientific Staff

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