klima:aktiv (climate:active): building and renovating

The program „klima:aktiv building and renovating“ is part of the federal climate protection initiative managed by the Austrian ministry for agriculture, forestry, environment and water economy (BMLFUW); the initiative addresses building and renovation issues. Although first positive developments register in the building sector, there is a large potential for economizing the industry. Therefore, the following targets have been defined: increase in quality for new and renovated buildings

  • Increase in numbers of buildings to undergo renovation
  • Increasing the sustainability of individual buildings and housing settlements
  • Supporting the realization of environmentally relevant EU-targets (e.g. energy efficiency and building codes)

In order to reach these goals the team klima:aktiv offers consulting, training and continued education, as well as building assessments and declarations for residential buildings and office complexes.

The building standard

The klima:aktiv building standard is a neutral, transparent seal of quality indicating sustainable, climate-friendly building methods.  Buildings observing klima:aktiv standards are assessed along a 1000-point-matrix and can attain one of three quality levels:

  • klima:aktiv bronze: all must-criteria are met
  • klima:aktiv silver: all must-criteria are met and a minimum of 750 points are earned
  • klima:aktiv gold: all must-criteria are met and a minimum of 900 points are earned

The buildings are assesses along four categories; the lion’s share of points are given for energy and supply topics.

For example, buildings attaining the gold standard require 75% less heating in comparison to standard buildings; they boast a reduction in life cycle costs and come with a high degree of ambient comfort due to the use of ecologically sound materials and ventilation systems.

1000-points klima:aktiv building (premises of Schachinger logistics company) Photography: klimaaktiv.at, gallery
klima:aktiv assessment matrix for residential buildings Photography: klimaaktiv.at, criteria catalogue

The service

The prerequisite for a building to be awarded with a klima:aktiv quality seal is the building declaration. Builders, architects or owners can carry out the declaration online and free of charge along the klima:aktiv quality standard. The project team verifies the declaration documents by means of a plausibility check.

The klima:aktiv project team also offers consulting (first appointments are free of charge) and trainings and an extensive database (www.klimaaktiv-gebaut.at) featuring realized projects to inspire builders to incorporate klima:aktiv standards into their work.

Funding agencies, research & cooperation partners

Project team and project manager

Project manager

  • Ernst Blümel
    Prof.(FH) DI Ernst Blümel
    Dept. Energy & Environment
    Campus Pinkafeld

    Schwerpunkte in Forschung und Lehre:
    Gebäudetechnik; Komfortlüftung; Nullenergiegebäude; Komponenten, Systeme und Energiekonzepte für nachhaltige Gebäude(verbände)

Project team

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