IrON Eisenstadt - Multifunctional energy networks for urban utilities supply

The project’s area of interest comprises an area in the city of Eisenstadt that is home to an industrial zone; the project takes a closer look at this zone. This industrial zone is the project’s linchpin; from there, one can deduce the project’s overall energy concept. Due to the high energy consumption in an industrial area, the area lends itself to devising an energy concept that at a later stage can be rolled out to the adjacent parts of the city. Because of the energy-related network between this industrial zone and the rest of the city, a smart-city network evolves that can be characterized along the following aspects:

(1) The many customers in the industrial zone provoke increased mobility; up to now, this mobility means mostly personally owned vehicles. New mobility concepts in combination with new business models for e-mobility are needed.                                                                                               

(2) The electric energy consumed needs to be adjusted to the locally produced renewable energy available; this yields a high potential for the integration of renewable energy sources and forcing local energy exchange. To bring about such an exchange, existing ICT-solutions need to be connected and extended throughout the area of interest.  

(3) The industrial zone also has a high demand for heating and cooling; both heating and cooling require enormous amounts of energy. Thanks to the connection to the locally available renewable energy production, the combination of a „power to heat“ or a „power to cold“ approach allows covering this energy demand in an environmentally friendly manner. Due to these aspects, the industrial zone forms an energetic, traffic and communications center within the city and forms an intelligent node and starting point for intelligent measures regarding traffic (mobility), energy and ICT. 

This smart city start up project aims to develop and analyze scenarios and methods for the optimization of the industrial zone as the city’s technology hub. Concepts for the realization of the above-mentioned challenges are designed within the framework of this project. A comprehensive participation process is planned to in order to keep relevant stakeholders up to date with the project.

Projektdauer: 09/2017 - 08/2018

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