Adding competence in smart Energy storage technologies

Energy storage units are a key technology in a future-oriented sustainable energy industry. In this context, it is important to consider the continuous development of various energy forms (power, heat, cold).

Smart energy storage applications need a coordinated management that uses timely and bi-directional communications between (1) network components, (2) energy producers, (3) energy storage and (4) consumers.

Such systems feature an interdisciplinary, complex and heterogenous character and are regarded as energy efficient overall system within an intelligent integration of individual sub systems.

The energy industry of the future thus needs new competences and qualifications. The energy storage branch needs comprehensive and interdisciplinary R&D qualifications that puts a special focus on integrative systems thinking.



’eNNOVATION’ provides 16 companies with the basics for a systematic installation of integrative and interdisciplinary competences through creating tailor-made qualification measures.

In order to cover the needs for qualification the UAS Burgenland, the Institute for Renewable Energy of the Technikum Vienna and the 4ward Energy Research GmbH teamed up to develop a needs-oriented continued training concept for their project partners allowing them to systematically gain the required competences and form a basis for innovative developments related to energy storage.

Over the course of a 24-month-project both the trainees from the campus Pinkafeld and the ENERGY-base Vienna are trained in innovative and field-oriented contents that are deepened in additional e-learning units and find practical applications within the framework of semester projects.

Duration: 01/2014 - 12/2016

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